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Seaview Marina (SML) welcomes you and your staff to our modern facility. We work under the New Zealand Clean Marinas Programme that is a subsidiary of international programmes in place worldwide.

The marina has operated since 1993 and works to achieve satisfaction for our users and visitors in a safe and healthy environment.

The users and their guests have right of entry to the marina facilities, including the floating piers. The Marina CEO is responsible for the total facility and the Boatyard Supervisor is responsible for the boatyard and the marina.

Only contractors that have received induction by the marina office and hold appropriate insurance may be employed for contract work on boats or on the marina facility.

There are environmental and health and safety regulations and best management practices that we must follow in the boatyard to ensure all can work without disturbance or damage from other boats.  We expect that every member and contractor will maintain the principles of SML and respect other members and our Safety, Health and Environmental rules and regulations.